**News Flash** Martha’s Causing Trouble Again

nigella VS martha

Straight out of the British tabloids, it’s reported that Martha “hideous old crone, former jailbird” Stewart is trying to steal Nigella “sexy and interesting” Lawson’s husband, a rich, art collector.

It is also noted that Nigella carries mustard around with her where ever she goes.

ES will surely keep you up to date on this development.

Quotes taken directly from the comments section.

Photos: Unangelic.org, funmansion.com

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  • JoeHoya August 29, 2007  

    Definitely a pity you couldn’t find any images of Nigella with said mustard for the voting…she wins hands down in my book.

    “English Muffin,” indeed – though that’s just begging for a joke about ‘english muffin tops.’

  • 80 Proof August 30, 2007  

    In other celebrity news, looks like Gwyneth Paltrow is not too happy Giada won our poll. Early favorite for our 2008 contest.


  • BS August 30, 2007  

    she’s totally gonna do batali

  • JoeHoya August 30, 2007  

    I can imagine the brainstorming session where they sat around trying to come up with a title:

    “Molto Gwyneth?”
    “What about ‘Ciao Spain?'”
    “I got it! ‘Mario eats Gwyneth!'”

  • BS August 30, 2007  

    creme de la gwen
    shakespeare in the kitchen
    paltrow me a bone
    blondes have more pun