Hott Links: Cool Me Down


Because ES usually comes up short in the dessert department (get on that BS!) here are some delicious treats to pine after.

Building a better milkshake [Brownie Points]

I wish upon a star… for an ice cream maker [Habeas, Brulee]

Anything with this much sugar has to be a dessert, right? [Slate]

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  • H Diddy August 28, 2007  

    hell yeah i did! sweet tea in the house!!

  • BS August 28, 2007  

    ah – the great to ice or not ice your milkshake debate – I come down firmly on the no side – why try to improve on ice cream and milk?

  • gansie August 28, 2007  

    well, on sunday afternoon, after the potato debacle, i wanted a treat, so from the bottom scrapings of cookies and creme and cookie dough ice cream, i made a milkshake. but there just wasn’t that much ice cream to go around. i kinda wished i would have added some ice just for some extra volume. would have stretched the milkshakes that much farther. but yes, if you have enough ice cream, ice is not needed.

  • BS August 28, 2007  

    not sure if you were still there – but at the beach on one particularly perfect lazy afternon I mixed cookies and cream ice cream with a splash of heavy cream and some vanilla….amazing

  • JoeHoya August 29, 2007  

    Now that’s a milkshake that would bring THIS boy to the yard…

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