Combining people-watching, breakfast pastries, lunch-time sandwiches, carry-out options, fish entrees, an expansive coffee bar and a slew of cocktails, Circa is like the perfect Washington politicianeverything to everyone. Small plates are luxurious (especially the lobster ravioli and fried oysters) as is the Capricciosa pizza, with three types of cheese, mushrooms, and plenty of prosciutto on top of a cracker-thin crust. The grilled shrimp salad is light and refreshing in its ginger-lime dressing, and works well as its own meal. For a meatless option, the artichoke polenta triangles on top of mixed vegetables and a white-bean puree are enough to satisfy and still allow for getting drunk on cleverly named martinis (and making it even harder to navigate the tight space, where even the super-thin waitresses have trouble maneuvering through the crowd.)
For: The ultimate Dupont experience, minus the thumping house music at Colbalt.

Entrees: $9-$24. 202-667-1601. 1601 Connecticut Ave, NW.

Originally in the Onion / DC local edition / July 12, 2007

Photo: Keegie_in_ DC

Circa in Washington

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  • BS August 27, 2007  

    I’m having a hard time figuring out which space this is – did somewhere else close?

  • gansie August 27, 2007  

    Wrap Works

  • BS August 27, 2007  

    RIP wrap works – I used to get lunch there, actually it was pretty good…this place sounds better

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