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That kinda-cute co-worker with an offbeat sense of humor you’re mildly interested in, but you know you could do better…that’s Amaryllis. This tiny Latino restaurant with pink lighting and a strictly Spanish-language jukebox is the restaurant you pretend is better than it is, simply because it’s always around. Whether the chicken is in the form of pollo asado or fajitas, it’s a bit on the dry side; but, live the decadent life and order the lush fried plantains. Start off with the wondrous pupusa appetizer—two fried dough patties filled with pork and cheese, plated with a tangy tomato-flavored slaw and refried beans—or save your appetite for the plato tipico: seasoned grilled beef, two pupusas, buttery white rice, beans and sliced avocado.
For: A neighborhood joint that is almost the jam.

Entrees: $7-$12. 202-483-2027. 1654 Columbia Rd, NW.

Originally in the Onion / DC local edition / July 12, 2007

Photo: Plant of the Week

Amaryllis in Washington

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