Harry, Did You Stay up all Night Eating Butter?

As someone who went to binge-drinking summer camp college in Wisconsin, I have a genuine soft spot for the Midwest. No other region of the country has so fully mastered the ridiculousness, perhaps even offensiveness that is American eating.

But Iowa, you have really outdone yourself this time.  Allow me to present the real reason Rudy Giuliani skipped the Ames straw poll. No, he wasn’t scared of Mitt’s millions. There was a much more obscene sight there:  Harry Potter carved out of butter.


Oh, Iowa State Fair. I thought you had hit your glutoness peak when you invented the deep-fried twinkie. You weren’t even close.

The only problem is, what are you gonna spread all that butter on? If only we had a giant loaf of bread, or a chocolate ice cream cake, or some medium-rare steak to spread that fatty goodness on. The solution after the jump.


America. An empire that will never fall.

Photo: Flickr user mckeown6

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  • JoeHoya August 15, 2007  

    I’ll see your Harry Butter and raise you the Marzipan Museum that made me fall in love with Szentendre, Hungary when I visited with my wife a few years ago.

    Their star attraction? A life-size confectionary statue of Michael Jackson.

    The sculptor’s medium of choice? White chocolate, of course.

  • BS August 15, 2007  

    i want that.

  • Alex August 15, 2007  

    In Arizona there was a place that had a bacon hot dog (as in a hot dog topped with bacon). I’m assuming whomever came up with that grew up within 100 miles of a Great Lake.

  • MonkeyBoy August 15, 2007  

    The deep fried twinkie has nothing on the deep fried snickers. Exactly as rich and disgusting as it should be. All melty and peanuts and mmmm…..
    Oddly enough, deep fried pickles are amazing too, and hardly gross at all.

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