Tintol Tapas Bar

Spanish Tapas joints have become commonplace enough in America that the trendiness factor is pretty much completely worn out. Enter Portuguese Tapas…ooh, pretty edgy, right?

The narrow, low-key bar at Tintol is out of place on a gaudy block just East of Times Square, and the restaurant is a welcome addition to an area not known for originality in eating establishments.

Tintol does offer some of the favorites among traditional Spanish Tapas, including lightly-breaded Croquetas and perfect Papas Bravas (golden fried potatoes loaded with a spicy paprika kick). The menu also includes more specifically Portuguese specialities such as grilled sardines (fresh and light fish that I am now aware can be far, far tastier than the oily, canned varieties – they’re second from the top above); and Almondegas (ground lamb meat balls stewed with diced vegetables).

For those seeking lighter fare, there are healthy servings of Serrano Ham, cheese and olives, but this isn’t the type of Tapas place that leaves you wondering when the main course is coming; the portions are big enough that two to three plates per person will leave you stuffed.

The Tapas are supplemented by a lengthy list of reds, whites and sherries, and the dessert menu features Pudim Albade de Perisco, a super-rich and delicious Portugese take on flan.

All in all, I’m in favor of Portuguese Tapas. Get ’em now before they’re trendy.

155 W. 46th Street, 212.354.3838

UPDATE: Tintol is moving on up….

Photo: Tintol

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  • sheila August 7, 2007  

    just curious – did you take those pics or are the from the site?

  • BS August 7, 2007  

    yeah – they’re from the site – I didn’t bother since they had such great ones…oh and I didnt mention it in the official review – but thanks to my aunt sheila for the awesome bday dinner

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