Feta Rosemary Dip

Another party pleaser!

This is one that Whole Foods sells, but my version is heavier on the cheese and lighter on the oil. Buy a block of Feta (the cheaper kinds will do) and crumble it. Then pour in a lot of olive oil—Whole Foods lets the feta swim in the oil, but I prefer to let the cheese dominate. Chop up two or three cloves of garlic and mix in. Then add rosemary (be generous). This is a delicious spread for baguette or hearty breads. Everyone loves it!

so good you can eat it with a spoon

You can accompany a spread like this with a bowl of green olives, finely diced, garlic, also finely diced, swimming in olive oil and with a bit of added salt. Also very tasty with bread and a great and easy party snack.

Top Photo: Cheese Supply

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  • BS August 2, 2007  

    I can testify this is a simple but amazing dip/spread

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