I Swear,They’re Real

oh purple potato majesty

So you know how all the food writers go on and on about the majestic farmer’s markets and you think to yourself, shut up already with your heirloom tomatoes and your free range-organic-grass fed-brown eggs, because hey, I’m usually too hung over on a Saturday morning to make it out of bed by noon, let alone to some market across town. Well, they may have a point. I found purple potatoes and I was pumped. And no, they’re not dyed – they’re real!

They also had a bunch of other types of potatoes I’ve never heard, and maybe next time I won’t be so star-struck that I’ll be able to take notes. Sorry ES readers!

I used these purple wonders and a bunch of others to make my go-to weekend breakfast – scrambled eggs, skillet potatoes and a half of an everything begal with cream cheese.

Find out more about the breakfast potatoes after the jump.

breakfast potatoes

Bojangles Skillet Potatoes
(Note: Bojangles is an East Coast (mostly southern) chicken and biscuits fast food joint that is a favorite of 80’s. This dish uses their french fry seasoning. You could use any seasoning salt – that has a kick – instead.)

Chop potatoes in uniform, bite-sized pieces. Heat pan, when hot add butter and olive oil. Add potatoes so they lay in a single layer on the pan. Add kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper and a good dose of Bojangles seasoning. Stir (and leave them so they’re in that single layer again.) Let them sit and brown for a couple minutes. Stir so uncooked side is pan-side down and let them hang out. Repeat until crispy on outside and a bit soft on the inside.

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  • JoeHoya July 30, 2007  

    Nice work, Gansie! Purple potatoes are a good time – though I can’t say I’ve ever really noticed a particularly different flavor from them.

    The Hay-Adams uses purple potatoes in a potato salad I’ve had there once or twice.

    I’m pretty sure you can get them (along with a few other varieties of specialty potatoes) at Harris Teeter, if they’re not at your local farmer’s market next week.

  • gansie July 30, 2007  

    Actually, the purple potatoes didn’t crisp up as much as the other potatoes. They are probably better suited for potato salad than in the skillet. But they’re still beautiful to me. (probably should have noted that in the post, huh?)

  • BS July 30, 2007  

    amazing! This Yankee needs more explanation of this bojangles spicing though – what kinda herbs are in it?

  • Jeb July 30, 2007  

    How did this not get made at my house warming party or Cinco De Mayo/Annapolooza party?!

    BS- No one knows what’s in the Bojangles special seasoning. It can be purchased at http://www.bojangles.com in their online store.

  • JoeHoya July 31, 2007  

    BS – Bojangles is similar to a number of southern “seasoned salt” spice blends. I’m partial to Tony Chachere’s Creole/Cajun offering, myself.

    And am I the only who sees the title of this post and flashes back to Teri Hatcher on Seinfeld?

    “They’re real…and they’re spectacular.”

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