The Revolution will not be Televised, but it will be Tasty


Editors Note: One of the original perpetrators of this blog (credit: she came up with the term edible pantries as well as many of our better rejected blog names), Edouble is a little late to start because she managed to escape the working (and blogging) world to Mexico for the better part of the summer, so for her first post we ordered up some original reporting direct from Oaxaca. Please welcome Edouble to ES.

A three week adventure to the wonderful Mexican state of Oaxaca and its charming urban hub, the city of Oaxaca, proved to be a lesson in the real meaning of flavor. From the moles (black, red, yellow), to the delectably stuffed tamales, to the tacos, to the green salsa/cilantro pesto, to the abundance of avocado that garnishes so many plates, to the fresh sea fare, everything was amazing. Good gravy!! Eating in Oaxaca was an absolute delight! And despite the ridiculous amount of eating I engaged in, I managed to lose a few pounds, so fear not.

Unfortunately, I did not learn how to cook any of these things, but have some guesses on a couple of dishes I ate. My man may report later on how to make some incredible sauces and if I’m lucky enough, mole too. For now, let me share a few things I think are easily replicable.

Take 1 avocado, cut it in half, spoon the avocado out of the skin leaving it intact. Mush up the avocado and set aside. Sauté 6 to 8 large shrimp and mix in with the mushed avocado. Spoon the shrimp and pseudo-guacamole back into one half of the avocado skin. Serve cold. Add cilantro and diced tomato to garnish.

Fresh tuna with capers, onion, oil and salt
(This won’t be as good without a “right-out-of-the-sea” tuna, but give it a whirl anyway).
Take 1 full tuna, cut in half or skin if need be, add olive oil, salt, capers (use the juice, too), and thinly sliced onion and bake for 30 to 40 minutes. It’s simple but delicious.

Hopefully more later on mole and tamales.

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  • BS July 28, 2007  

    So is the avocado/shrimp hot or cold when it is served?

  • Edouble July 28, 2007  

    Serve it cold!

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