Blame Dr. Cox

french toast and fruit

As I nervously awaited 80 Proof’s mother’s arrival to our new apartment and to taste my much-debated breakfast, 80 Proof’s appendix decided to become inflamed and screamed to come out, according to Dr. Cox. So, instead of prepping for the morning meal, 80 was prepped for surgery. Clearly, crepes was not on the agenda anymore. Don’t worry 80 Proof fans, he’s home now, and the percocets and various other drugs are keeping him somewhat comfortable. Unfortunately, he’ll probably be out of blogging shape for a bit.

BUT, 80’s momma still came over for the Tour de France (and to take care of her sick son) so I decided that I should make the best of the situation, and feed her and I, while 80 moaned over cereal and some cherry Jell-O.

From the post-hospital food shopping spree, and my quick trip to the Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market, I decided on a French Toast with a multi-fruit topping.

Recipe post-jump.

French Toast with Peaches, Blackberries and Bananas
(serves 2)

Soak 4 slices of potato bread in a mixture of 1/2 cup half-and-half, 1 egg, sprinke salt, sprinkle sugar and a couple sprinkles of ground cinnamon (I couldn’t quickly find my nutmeg, but grate some of that if you have it on hand.) Be sure to make sure all slices are equally absorbing the mixture. And remember to flip sides.

While that soaks, slice half of a peach, one banana and about 15 blackberries.

Warm up some pure maple syrup in a small sauce pan. (I grew up on Aunt Jemima, but now that I write for a food blog, I guess I have to use the “real” stuff.) When that’s nice and warm, I like to be fancy and pour it in a “creamer.” Note: Don’t wash the sauce pan yet.

Start to heat your square, flat griddle for the F-toast. When hot, add some butter. You should be able to fit all four slices on the pan. Let that sit, and keep an eye on it.

Add the peaches to the sauce pan that was used for the syrup and sure, throw some butter on them too. Stir that around so they start to become soft. Sprinkle some sugar. Stir.

Flip the French Toast if adequately browned for your liking.

Take out the peaches and arrange them on a small plate. Drop the bananas in that same pan and add some more butter and a bit of cinnamon. Don’t stir too much or keep them on the heat too long as they will become mush.

Take the F-toast off the pan and arrange on two plates.

Add the bananas to your plate with the peaches, keeping space in the middle for the blackberries. Wash and dry the blackberries and place them in the middle.

Serve the two plates of French Toast and offer the syrup and fruit on the side (and extra butter, if you’re obsessed like me.)


Feel Better, 80 !

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  • BS July 28, 2007  

    I CANT BELIEVE you took that pic – professional food stylist! Get well, 80. I can’t help but wonder if this sudden illness has anything to do with our enemies at unfogged

  • JoeHoya July 30, 2007  

    I smell a cop-out.

    If you didn’t want to make crepes, you could have just said so.

    Seriously, though, 80 – here’s hoping for a speedy recovery and 10% savings on all of your printing and copying needs when it comes time to remove the hardware.

  • BS July 30, 2007  

    I am still marveling at that pic…

  • Jeb July 30, 2007  

    wow…I’m gonna get Anna to make that for me this weekend.

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