Mark and Orlando’s

mark and orlando
(That’s really them!)

Mark and Orlando’s ever-evolving seasonal menu makes it hard to know what to expect. But that’s why you should frequent this neighborhood find; Mark and Orlando’s competes nicely on one of the most enticing food blocks around. The upstairs, dubbed “Mark’s,” caters to casual diners with burgers and salads. The more-refined downstairs—called, shockingly, “Orlando’s,”—celebrates good wine and fresh catches from the sea. Resist the carb-counter in your head: Reach for the bread and whatever crazy schmear is offered (it ranges from butter to beets.) For dessert, homemade ice creams change constantly, so go with the waiter recommendation. (Black-pepper ice cream—yes, it’s delicious!)
For: A meal that screams for ice cream.
Entrees: $9-$25. 202-223-8463. 2020 P St, NW
Originally in the Onion / DC local edition / June 28, 2007

Photo: Washington Post

Mark and Orlando's in Washington

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