It’s Getting Hot in Here

The polls are open and our own Stefanie Gans is prepared to ride to victory in the FishbowlDC Hottest Media Types contests. So run, don’t walk, your way over to FishbowlDC and get your votes on!

So far Stef is in a three-way tie for second place, trailing only Catherine Andrews of Washingtonian Magazine, who is clearly a cheater. We aren’t going to try and influence your decision-making and of course expect everyone to vote their conscience. But just in case you don’t know enough about the candidates, here is a handy voting guide:

UPDATE: Catherine Andrews is a sweetheart, and totally not a cheater. We officially endorse her for second place. Liz Gorman, however, is a bot.

UPDATE 2: OK…so, by “a lot of big web sites” did you mean a click farm in Bangalore or what? That’s a lot of votes, Catherine. We’re gonna need an explaination here.

cathrevised.jpgCatherine Andrews, Washingtonian, CHEATER

kararowland.jpgKara Rowland, Washington Times, PSYCHO

kerryhowley.jpgKerry Howley, Reason, REPUBLICAN

bridgetgarwood.jpgBridget Garwood, York Zimmerman, Inc., CRAZY

[photo redacted]

Stefanie Gans, endless simmer, DING DING DING!!! WE HAVE A WINNER!


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  • JoeHoya July 24, 2007  

    You know – it’s distinctly possible that someone IS cheating. Not that I’d know from experience or anything, but it seems like you’re able to vote multiple times – unlike most online polls that log your IP address to prevent that.

  • JoeHoya July 24, 2007  

    Hmmm…just saw the “Republican” tag on one of the other competitors and I’m assuming it’s not meant as a compliment (though some of us might take it that way).

    I may have to rethink giving such good suggestions in the future!

  • 80 Proof July 24, 2007  

    Don’t worry JoeHoya, we all know Rep girls are better looking…and this is coming from a Dem.

  • JoeHoya July 24, 2007  

    In fairness, I DID marry a Dem…

  • BS July 24, 2007  

    well yes, social values republicans are hot chicks, but not the libretarian ones

  • catherine July 24, 2007  

    i’m not cheating. i wouldn’t have a clue how to do that, with my limited programming knowledge. i just have a lot of big web sites pulling for me.

  • 80 Proof July 24, 2007  

    Crap, Catherine, you’re making it harder to stir up some controversy 🙂

  • catherine July 24, 2007  

    i do love some good controversy… 🙂 i wish yall luck though. this seems like a good blog.

  • Ann Althouse's Magic Mirror July 24, 2007  

    Kerry Howley isn’t a Republican.

  • MonkeyBoy July 24, 2007  

    Normally I’d vote for Crazy there, but how can I go against the only one with a drink in her hand?

  • Julian Sanchez July 24, 2007  

    Kerry? Vote Republican? It’s hard to convey how funny that is to anyone who knows her…

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