What Not to Waste

beamish in america!

Growing up, my mom told me I couldn’t waste two things in life – beer and ice cream. I always then had guilt leaving bars, puke forming in my mouth, knowing that the two sips I’ve left in the bottle would disappoint my mom’s conscience. But ice cream, um, I’ve never been able to leave a lick in the bowl.

Beamish (Irish Stout Beer) and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough “Lighten Up” Ice Cream go together very well. So eat up and make your mother proud. You’ll enjoy it, watching Bill Maher stand-up, trying to ignore the fact that you have to go to work tomorrow.

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  • BS July 23, 2007  

    Are you suggesting actually mixing the ice cream with the beamish?

  • gansie July 23, 2007  

    Oh, my bad. I just meant – sip of beer, scoop of ice cream, sip of beer, sip of beer, sip of beer, scoop of ice cream…

  • andrew July 23, 2007  

    nice! raspberry lambic and chocolate cake are good too

  • dad gansie November 6, 2007  

    your mom thought you right, ours before you were born even thought we think of you as sometimes our bastard, we drank light beer with hagen daze love ya
    dad gansie

  • dad gansie November 6, 2007  

    sorry mis spelling we did have the right thought foe gansie, however her mom did teach her right

  • gansie November 7, 2007  

    um, dad, are you calling me a bastard child?

  • SAG January 11, 2008  

    Dad please stop posting before stef gets her blog shut down

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