Posh and Becks Come to America…Crappy British Food Tastes Follow

[youtube n1TmZS1OkUc]

On this week’s sorry-excuse-for-an-NBC-special-event called “Victoria Beckham Comes to America,” the once and future Posh Spice confronts our fellow blogger Perez Hilton at L.A. coffee shop Cafe Marco.

Our trashy food/celeb correspondent did some research and learned that Cafe Marco’s claim to fame is providing free wireless Internet, the very best customer service and serving only the finest gourmet beverages, but we think it should be the fact that they have a live web cam on their website so you can spy on the celebs.

While we know you are all already over the Beckhams and their insane media saturation, we here at ES feel there has been way too little coverage of their eating habits. When will mainstream journalists finally stand up and do their jobs?

Here are a few tidbits from the blogosphere:

-Victoria only eats soybeans and Diet Coke, with the occasional pretzel, but only on birthdays and anniversaries.

– She was spotted earlier this week consuming something that, while tiny, looks suspiciously like real food. Please contact if you have any further info on this shocking occurrence.

– One of our spies across the pond tells us that Becks’ OCD complex means the fam keeps a separate fridge for each food group!

-Finally, here’s a recipe direct from David’s fav pie n’ mash shop in Waltham Abbey.

***Additional reporting provided by BS and Pinch of Minch.

*** Gansie will be back from her real job next week, and since she actually cooks, we will return from our not-so-unpredictable slide into a trashy celebrity blog.

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  • MonkeyBoy July 22, 2007  

    Crappy British food tastes??? I’ll let Scotch Eggs speak for themselves.

  • BS July 23, 2007  

    scotch eggs, huh? sounds intriguing…can we get a recipe monkeyboy?

  • MonkeyBoy July 24, 2007  

    Take hard boiled eggs and peel. Wrap loose sausage meat (Most places that make their own sausage will have loose meat) completely around the egg. Some crumbled bacon might be a nice addition into the meat but I haven’t tried yet.
    You will now have a sausage egg. Mmmmm, sausage egg…
    Now you can either dip in egg and breadcrumbs or just fry it straight. The sausage layer isn’t too think so it doesn’t take too long.
    Cut in half or quarters (the long way). Is really good slightly warm but it goes nice cold too for a picnic.
    These are supposedly really awful in dingy British pubs, kind of like pickled eggs can be in our bars. Still, what’s not to like about eggs and sausage?

  • BS July 25, 2007  

    I agree – what’s not to like? sounds awesome

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