Scramble Me This

(I like my eggs with a side of cream cheesed begal and Dunkin Donuts coffee)

If you’ve been following my posts at ES, you can tell I use many of the same ingredients in lots of dishes. Some people would call it a rut, but when those items consist of avocado and feta cheese, I think that may be okay.

Avocado and Feta Scramble

Start to heat a small frying pan.

Either dice or smash half an avocado. Crumble feta (if bought in block form.) Set aside on plate you’ll be eating on. (No need for extra dishes.)

Once pan is hot, add some butter and crack 2 eggs right in the pan. Scramble with a heat-resistant spoonula (I’ve definitely had cooking instruments melt during egg scrambling.) When the scramble is 75% done, introduce the avocado and feta and mix altogether. As soon as everything is incorporated, get it off the pan and on the plate. Over done eggs suck. S&P as you please, though depending on the saltiness of your feta, you may not need any.

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  • Jeb July 18, 2007  

    that looks disgusting.

  • gansie July 22, 2007  

    I’ll kick your fucking ass, JEB!

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