WaaaaaWaaaaa I’m hung-over!

ventnor, nj

Last weekend on my trip to the Jersey Shore (which involved hangovers) I discovered my FAVORITE place in the whole wide world: Wawa. Where do I even begin to explain this convenience store!

The people that create the food items available at Wawa must have read my mind when they decided on selling a plastic cup full of pepperoni and cubes of Colby cheese.
DE-LISH! That combination of salty meat and creamy cheese has always been a favorite hung-over snack of mine. (Note: Do not take this item to the beach or it will melt into something crazy and almost inedible.)

To fix your dehydration, Wawa boasts a machine that dispenses perfectly creamed and sweetened iced coffee — you can get your caffeine fix without even waiting in line! AND they have a milkshake machine where all you do is push a button! (Picking the chocolate shake is an absolutely smart move.) I suggest filling your cup with either of these treats right when you get inside so you can drink up (and then refill) while you explore this divine place and its plethora of snacks.

Here’s a trivia question (yes, I’m this obsessed): Why is it called Wawa?
The answer after the jump!

I’m sure many people are already familiar with the Wawa sandwiches, which you order from a touch screen computer. Besides the fact that they offer any kind of sandwich imaginable (Philly Cheese Steak, Hoagies, Deli), the Wawa touch screens computers are so considerate, like that boyfriend who brings you Advil the morning after an all-night shit show. For instance, a screen popped up and asked me, “Would you like to add bacon on that?” I thought: “I didn’t even know that was an option but that is a wonderful idea! Thank you Wawa!” And take my advice, make sure and get your sandwich toasted. It will take longer, but your body will thank you.

And if that wasn’t enough to cure your headache and nausea, there is the baked ravioli in a to-go sack…. Let me just say WOW.

Answer to Trivia Question:
Wawa’s original dairy farm was built on land located in a rural section of Pennsylvania called Wawa, which was named from a local Native American tribe in honor of their favored game – the Canada Goose.

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  • gansie July 13, 2007  

    and the begals aren’t bad either

  • JoeHoya July 14, 2007  

    As a Jersey ex-pat living in the District, I frequently find myself complaining about the absence of Wawa within reasonable driving distance. Far and away my favorite convenience store – even their faux French Vanilla Latte from a machine tastes better than the ones you can get at 7-Eleven.

    Glad you enjoyed the experience…where on the Shore were you?

  • h diddy July 16, 2007  

    wawa i miss you

  • Liza July 16, 2007  

    I was in Ventenor, right next to Atlantic city – it was really great! because the Wawa was a block away!

  • SaraB July 16, 2007  

    Oh WaWa, how I miss you! It’s the best store EVER!!! Next time I suggest you try half a cup of french vanilla and half hot chocolate. It’s so tasty. And wawa lemonade beats any nantucket nectar by far, and is a third of the price. And for ice cream, my favorite is wawa chocolate with peanut butter ribbon. 🙂

  • Elizabeth 40 Hands July 17, 2007  

    I wish I had a wawa. Instead, I’m in the UK where convenience store is apparently a dirty phrase…much like I love Tony Blair. Love you Liza!

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