Top Chef Recap: Episode 4 – I Know It Was You Semifreddo. You Broke My Heart.


Man, it has been a long two weeks without Padma and company, since someone had to throw a birthday party last Wednesday. Thanks a lot, America. My b-day was Thursday but did you see me trying to cancel The Office? Nooooooo. We passed the time by updating you with news of the official PadRush split and watching just a bit of the unbearable The Next Food Network Star (Come on now, like they don’t just air anyone who shows up on their doorstep.)

The quickfire challenge was basically a not-so-thinly-veiled ad for Bombay Sapphire, so we won’t spend much time there. Casey, until now only noticed for being the hottest contestant, oh excuse me – CHEFtestant – went crazy and made Foie Gras French Toast, which was just weird enough for the judges.

She won her immunity, and then in what turned out to be a team challenge, got paired with the two fat guys who like to argue a lot. This of course pissed Casey off so she just threw some tuna on top of plain noodles in the hopes that it would get one of these idiots kicked off.

It almost worked, but the judges reserved their real fury for the dessert team, who decided to try some fancy shit even though none of them know the first thing about baking. This provided the opening for snotty judge Tom Colicchio to spout perhaps his most pretentious food line yet: “Taking a panacotta and putting it in the freezer does not make it a semifreddo.” Well, Duh! Didn’t everybody learn that in kindergarten? So they give the boot to Camille, for her role in this disaster, and for committing the reality show sin of not talking enough.

Photo courtesy of Bravo.

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