Malaysia Kopitiam


Malaysia Kopitiam is squeezed into a basement on a block filled with everything from Tex-Mex Chain Chipotle to the downtown strip joint of choice, Camelot. The menu is similarly diverse, boasting noodle, rice and soup dishes ranging from tame to hot’n’spicy. You’ll never have so much fun flipping through a menu — it has pictures! While you browse the middle-school-grade photos of curry chicken gravy noodle and chicken rendang (curry chicken in coconut milk), start off with the curry puffs. They’re flaky, spicy—filled with minced chicken, potatoes, and curry—and absolutely delicious. This Malaysian joint doesn’t pose as the latest Asian hotspot, but it does offer large plates (leftovers!) of moist meat, fresh vegetables, and your choice of carbs.
For: Spending your dollar bills on chicken, instead of breasts.
Entrees: $9-$20. 202-833-6232. 1827 M St, NW [SG]
Originally in the Onion / DC local edition / June 21, 2007

Malaysia Kopitiam in Washington

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  • El July 11, 2007  

    Their roti canai – an appetizer – is also AMAZING! My only complaint is you don’t get enough roti to sop (is that how you spell that) up all the yummy canai.

  • gansie July 11, 2007  

    and, they don’t do refills for free

  • BS July 11, 2007  

    I would do just about anything for one of their roti ‘wiches right now

  • 80 Proof July 11, 2007  

    wow, 4 quick comments!

    The no refill thing on soda is a big turn-off for me. Not enough to stop going there though. But what restaurant can’t afford refills of soda???

    Cheap bastards.

  • BS July 11, 2007  

    in malaysian culture asking for a second serving of soda is considered sacreligious

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