This Post is an Excuse for a Pic of Marisa Tomei

During our nascent experiment with Internet entrepreneurship, we have discovered that writing about attractive celebrities seems to boost traffic to our page. So a warm welcome to all our new readers who got here by googling “Marisa Tomei + Hot Pics AND Lasagna.” My apologies if you have no interest in food blogs.

Just want to share one more hott link with ya’ll…Washington Examiner has a great blog about where b-list celebs eat out while in the nation’s capital (and of course, where Barb and Jenna booze it up).

Apparently there was some sort of Italian food conference at GW this week (way to not be up on the scene, D.C. correspondents!) Food Network’s Lidia teamed up with possible Padma porker Mario Batali and fake Oscar winner Marisa Tomei for an afternoon of perpetuating Italian stereotypes. The trio ate at Cafe Atlantico and Tomei called John Travolta fat.

That is all.

Photo by Flickr user alhamish.

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  • dodgecitydave July 11, 2007  

    Me want to eat lasagna and meatballs off of Ms. Tomei. And big props for the charmingly alliterative “possible Padma porker.” Sheer genius.

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