ES Trend Alert: “No Mayo” is the New Mayo

Maybe Shania was on to something in I Heart Huckabees when she kept telling Jude Law “NO MAYO.” I am not one to hate on gooey, mayo-loaded traditional side salads – simple, tasty and unhealthy – I can’t think of anything more American. But inspired by gansie’s previous posts about mayo-free pasta salad and tuna salad, I decided to try my hand at Kim OD’s recommendation, which gansie pointed us towards, for mayo-free potato salad. I brought my very lemony version to my cousin Moira’s family BBQ last night. In a perfect twist, the host made a more traditional mayo potato salad as well, which ignited much discussion on the great mayo debate of 2007 (Moira did use fingerlings, so she still gets some edgy points.) My recipe after the jump.

Used baby red potatoes. Cut into fourths and boil in salted water. They’re so small that it really doesn’t take that long.

Add diced shallots, lemon juice and lemon zest. Drizzle with EVOO and white wine vinegar.

Cut a few garlic cloves into slivers and lightly saute – add to salad.

Finish off with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and fresh dill.

I think next time I would add some hard-boiled eggs as well.

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  • 80 Proof June 27, 2007  

    So who won?

  • BS June 27, 2007  

    The aunts were way too diplomatic to vote either way. We might have to have a rematch.

  • Not So Edgy Cousin June 27, 2007  

    Well I have to say yours was pretty damn good BS – me likey the dill – and I suppose the health factor too. But I think you are failing to recognize the ironic edginess of my old school potato salad. No? Damn. Anyway, with my the honor of my coolness aside – I used fingerlings cooked just through and added a bit of the water from the pot and apple cider. After letting it sit for a bit I added the mayo, scallions, celery, hard boiled eggs and bacon – becasue.. well because like you said, it makes everything better. Not that you asked – but thats my side of the story. I got it most of it from the grand dame herself – julia child. That’s gotta count for something!

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