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you should see the view from their roof deck
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Our friends Tim (road food & beer) and Alice (can’t cook a fucking thing and endlesssimmer’s marketing director) just moved into a perfect one-bedroom, 2 balcony apartment. After a guided-tour, ogling at their view, and creating a dent in their wine and beer supply, Tim threw together a hearty, alcohol soaker of a meal with their limited haven’t been to the grocery store yet inventory.

Leftover Bread Bowl Taco

Chicken/beef/veggie Broth – your call

Cornstarch – tbsp

Corn – (canned or fresh)

Pinto Beans – or whatever you have on hand. According to Tim, black beans would be a gem here.

Shredded/diced Chicken – As the inspiration for the meal, at a previous grill session at Erika (beef queen) and Mike’s (grill master) place, Erika completely forgot she left chicken on the grill for over an hour. Before they threw it out, Tim came to the rescue of the overdone chicken and knew he’d be able to make something some thing great out of this tired piece of poultry.

Steak Alice’s leftovers from a Mother’s Day cookout. Tim credits this recipe as one of the only times you can use leftover steak and chicken in the same meal and actually make it work. I dare someone to prove him wrong.

Tomatoes – fresh if the right time of year, if not, canned tomoates (I like fire roasted) or your favorite Salsa would be a great sub and/or addition

Chicken Taco Seasonings. yes, it’s cheating, but they just moved in so we’ll give them a break

Rice – it’s not completely necessary, but if you have left over in the house, add as another thickening agent

Shredded Cheese – your choice, to sprinkle on before serving

Fresh Cilantro – for the stew, plus sprinkle some raw cilantro on top of the finished bowl

Mini Bread Rolls – try French, guarantee one per diner.

Chips and Salsa


Heat broth, when hot, whisk in – slowly – cornstarch.

Dump everything but the cheese and half of your cilantro in the pot.

Simmer, 20 minutes minimum and up to an hour.

Be sure to stir occasionally as not to have a disaster in the washing dishes stage.

When you are about to serve, stick the rolls in a 350 degree over for only 2-3 minutes. Make a cut in the rolls to create a bowl for the stew, pushing down (not tearing out) the insides of the roll. The insides are crucial for keeping the roll intact when the chunky stew is added.

Fill the roll with the stew, sprinkle cilantro and cheese on top. Add chips and salsa on the side of each plate. Eat and totally opt for seconds.

**We Blog, You Decide**

*If you love the heat, you should add in diced jalepenos, chipotles, poblanos, cubanos…

*And if you choose the heat, add a glorious dollop of sour crème on top


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    Maggi® offers a whole range of products, such as bouillons, packaged soups, prepared sauces and flavorings
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    sounds like cheating to me!

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