Who’s That Eating?


Friend of Endless Simmer Igor sent in this photo of a famous eater (and frequent ES subject), who had to serve the dogs at her own going-away BBQ this weekend — how rude!

Who’s that eating? Cast your guesses in the comments below. The first correct guesser wins a copy of Trish Magwood’s Dish Entertains: Everyday Simple to Special Occasions. (Read gansie’s glowing review here).

So? Who’s that Eating? Better guess quick — I have a feeling this one ain’t gonna last long.

Who’s That Eating?


You all responded so well to our Where’s Waldo contest last week that we thought we’d go ahead and make it a regular feature. Except this time, our mystery eater isn’t an ES commenter, he’s a genuine real life celebrity. So who is the mystery eater? Here are your clues:

– He’s at Habana Outpost Eco-eatery in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

– He drank a strawberry margarita. Food unknown because he forgot to take his meal ticket from the cashier to the cooks.

– He is a native of Oakland, California.

Guesses in the comments, please. Winner gets a free something (maybe).

Many thanks to our very own celeb-stalker, Brian.

Have you seen the back of a famous eater? Send us your shots!