My POV of the W


It has finally happened- the long awaited arrival of Washington’s very own W Hotel. However, more importantly for the residents of DC, the reopening of this hotel means only one thing: the terrace bar, which hosts unrivaled views of the city. You can scope out the Washington Monument and the White House in all its glory, including those pesky snipers that adorn its roof. What could be more pleasant than sipping summer cocktails whilst gawking at the Obamas from afar?

One of my friends managed to secure a spot on the guest list for the opening night of the W Washington’s POV Roof Terrace this past Wednesday. The hotel was abuzz—a true velvet rope event which is not a familiar sight in DC.

I am happy to report that the views from the terrace are exactly how I remembered them to be (back when the spot was Hotel Washington), and then some. The terrace has expanded onto the Pennsylvania Ave side, with an enclosed floor-to-ceiling window bar—great for those cooler evenings. The sophisticated reds and subtle lighting create an atmosphere that is familiar, so not to intimidate, but yet chic, to remind you that you are in a place that is special.

Before you read further I should provide a disclaimer, this was opening night and the place was packed, lines forming at all entrances of the hotel. My experience wasn’t the best but I believe that the service will improve as will the product. Continue reading with view of the White House after the jump.

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