Egg Separation Trick: Magic or Logic?

There’s a YouTube video making the rounds:


Lots of internet people are pretty excited about it, but commenter splendid696 asks, “Simple physics is now black magic? Are we going back to Dark Ages?” Ol’ splendid696, ever the realist. I mean, they have a point, but it’s still cool. Also I never took physics! So take that!

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the old-fashioned shell-to-shell maneuver, but I’ll admit my success rate isn’t quite 100%. Sometimes I just get overzealous about smashing the egg and then I get shards everywhere, you know? I think I’ll give this water bottle trick a shot sometime soon, just for the hell of it.

Epic Meal Time Is Your Eater of the Year

Technically, there are 12 hours left in the year and anything can still happen. But with the majority of the votes in, it looks like Epic Meal Time is moving towards a strong victory in our fifth annual Eater of the Year poll.

To celebrate, let’s watch the EMT crew make waffle fries…but of course, these are not your average waffle fries.

Congratulations to Epic Meal Time and to all of our very distinguished Eater of the Year nominees.

Imagine There’s No Pizza

Mr. and Mrs. O still get points for all their D.C. burger eating adventures, but Herman Cain just took a BIG lead in the race for the coveted Endless Simmer presidential endorsement.

Friday Food Porn: Time for the Money Shot

Without a doubt we all have our guilty pleasures when it comes to food TV. For today’s Food Porn, we thought we would share some of the guiltiest pleasures of all….the overdone “money shots” at the end of every Food Network recipe prep. Enjoy!

*Warning- You may want to watch on an empty stomach*

Meat TV: How Steak Becomes Steak

The Perennial Plate Episode 14: Meat from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

I almost feel blasphemous for this post after forkitude’s great article earlier last week about the inordinate amount of meat the average American eats. Don’t get me wrong, I firmly agree that our intake is out of whack and personally make a point to only consume red meat once or twice a month. However, I also believe a nice cut of beef with a simple pan sauce is one of the greatest things in the world and probably why we have canine teeth.

But I also know a lot of you believe in knowing more about where your meat comes from. The video above, from The Perennial Plate, offers a brief glimpse into a Minnesota meat processing plant that provides locally sourced, grass fed beef to their community. For a blunt look at the (after)life of a steer, press play above. The video is a fairly graphic, so it probably shouldn’t be watched by the squeamish or those at work, but isn’t that what the internet is for?


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