Awwwwwww: Cutest Eater in the World Contest

owen cooking

Think your kid makes a cuter chef than my nephew? Prove it!

Announcing the Endless Simmer Cutest Eater in the World Contest: Send in that very best shot of your kid/grandkid/grandparent/whoever being shamelessly cute in the kitchen. Extra points if they’re actually cooking, but we’ll accept kids eating, smearing food on their faces, or just generally being cute around anything edible.

We’ll pick a crew of cute finalists and ask ES readers to vote on their favorite. The winner will receive a copy of Cook’s Country Best Lost Suppers — a great cookbook from the culinary geniuses at Cook’s Illustrated full of recipes for the whole family¬† — and better yet, we’ll induct the cutest eater into the Endless Eater Hall of Fame.

So, pick out your best shot and send them to

Update: Vote for the cutest eater in the world