A Far East Inspired Tomato Salad

With the first night of freeze nearing in on New Jersey, I plucked plenty of near-red tomatoes from my Dad’s garden this past weekend. I don’t know how the Garden State does it, but these tomatoes, picked way past the fiery days of August, still pack a wonderful, real tomato flavor. The texture is intact and not reminiscent of those winter, mealy faux-tomatoes.

Savoring these tomatoes came easy: a simple salad. But I ditched the normal Italian-seasoning of mozzarella, oil and balsamic vinegar and traveled a little East. Topping the bright red hunks is not basil, but seaweed. I crumbled Green Chopsticks‘ Roasted Seaweed Crisps over top for a slight taste of the sea and a definitive crunch. With chunky Maldon sea salt and a few grinds of pepper, this salad found all it needed.