Deep-Fried Avocado = Love

It’s no secret that we love avocado here at Endless Simmer. We also love ridiculous fried things. Hell, we’ve even attempted a marriage of the two, although the results were not pretty. As a dedicated ESer and food lover, I’m always on the lookout for yet more avocado creations to embrace, and I just experienced something that will forever change the way I look at sandwiches.

At Gourmands in East Austin, sandwiches are king. And by “king” I mean “GIGANTIC.” I took a chance on my arteries and ordered the Second Deadly Sin:┬áSmoked turkey, bacon, swiss, fried avocado, sprouts, and pesto.

Yes, fried avocado!!! See that crispy, brown thing in the bottom left corner of my mountain of sandwich? FRIED AVOCADO.

I know it might not look like much from this picture, but I assure you, this is a thing of wonder. The best qualities of fried shit: crisp texture, warmth, salty grease — combined with the best of avocado: creamy, cool richness. Smashed onto a ton of meat. What’s not to love?! I hope more restaurants jump on this bandwagon.


Sprouting to Life: Day Five

Growing pains.

A Sprout’s Life
Day One
Day Three

Sprouting to Life: Day Three

Just starting to grow some legs.

A Sprout’s Life
Day One

Sprouting to Life: Day One

Basil, rosemary and mint all failed in my infertile apartment. But I’ve finally discovered something that will grow! I bought some salad sprout seeds from the bulk bin at the Takoma Park Co-op and it actually worked. In less than two weeks I found (well, worked for) a jar full of sprouts.

This is my second go-round because it’s just so darn easy and I love having one extra thing to add to my salads and sandwiches.

Directions next.


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