Endless Beers: The Summer Shandy

ShandiesEvery season is craft beer season. Hopefully you are expanding your horizon in the beer world, putting down those bud light limes, and trying something made with fresh ingredients by people that give a damn about flavor. That’s what we’re all about here at ES anyway isn’t it? With flavor in mind, here is your guide to the best summer shandy for this summer.

If you don’t know, a summer shandy is a beer that is made out of lager and lemonade. There are a few out there that you can get just about anywhere: Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, Sam Adams Porch Rocker, and Shock Top’s Lemon Shandy. Classically, a summer shandy tastes like a lemonade with a hint of beer. On a summer day, this makes the perfect day-drinking beer, as compared to your Bud Light Lime.

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Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

erica for one, is down with breakfast beer:

see, i think beer, like any other alcohol, can use a little spruce-me-up-water-me-down-juicy-somethin’somethin’ for breakfast time. that’s why in Europe they’ve got the Shandy: half lager, half sparkling lemonade. it may sound kinda nasty but i’ve tried it and it not only works well at breakfast, it makes piss beer (cough *pbr* cough) actually palatable.


according to a friend in stuttgart, they often do Shandies with banana juice instead of carbonated citrus stuff in that neck of the woods… uh, yeah.

Good thoughts, Erica. Also, Endless Simmer is meeting this weekend to decide whether we should replace our “we just can’t keep our mouths shut” tagline with “Endless Simmer: spruce-me-up-water-me-down-juicy-somethin’somethin.”

– In other beer innovation news, Tim is not down with name tags on Bud Light bottles:

Disappointed! How would you feel if Kraft ran the same promotion on their processed American singles?

Tim, you don’t know ES very well if you think our answer would be anything other than “that would make us very, very happy.” Everybody’s gotta protect their night cheese.

– Speaking of fake cheese, ES made our vegan readership very, very happy this week with America’s top 10 new sandwiches — veganized. My favorite comment comes from MunyaBuddya over at HuffPo:

“Where’s the vegan Double Down?”

Are you on that one or what, vegan bloggers?

(Photo: Mike Saechang)