Blackwood Benedict

Artsy Photo of the Day

Rise and shine! Bet you wish you were having this for breakfast today:
Blackwood Benedict

Thai eggs benedict, made with pork wine sausage, mushroom, cilantro, crispy yam strips, and Thai chili hollandaise. Picture taken at Blackwood in San Francisco.

Millionaire's Bacon

Bacon Fit for a King…or Millionaire

Millionaire's Bacon

I’ve written about the array of glorious brunch options in San Francisco before, so I’ll get straight to the point: I was back in the Bay Area last weekend and of course I enjoyed MORE brunches with MORE bottomless mimosas and MORE benedicts and MORE bacon. Millionaire’s Bacon, to be exact.

You can find this delicacy at a good handful of restaurants in San Fran, but we first encountered it at Blackwood, an “American Thai Fusion” restaurant in the Marina area. In spite of the name, Millionaire’s Bacon will just set you back a couple extra dollars on top of your $10-20 brunch plate, so it’s not a bad deal. Especially considering the fact that this is no ordinary bacon—it’s super thick and meaty, coated in sweet maple syrup and honey, liberally sprinkled with spicy red chile flakes. After this flavor explosion, I’m never eating regular bacon again.

You can make your own, too! You definitely don’t have to live in San Fran (and you don’t have to be a millionaire, obvs) to enjoy this ultra-rich bacon.

Millionaire’s Bacon

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San Francisco: Land of a Thousand Brunches

I recently went to eat some food – uh, I mean, visit some friends – in the Bay Area. Kidding, of course my friends are first priority, but obviously any time you”re visiting San Francisco you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn”t take advantage of its awesome culinary scene.

One thing SF does really well is brunch. Not only brunch, but boozy brunch (and honestly why are you going out to brunch if you”re not planning on drinking?), particularly mimosas. Search SF Yelp for “bottomless mimoas” and you”ll get over 100 results. Preach! No self-respecting bruncher is gonna stop at just one mimosa, let”s be real.

Just as mimosas are an integral part of brunch, eggs benedict is the brunch dish to beat. It”s indulgent without being completely devoid of nutritious ingredients (eggs! They”re good for you!), and it”s just a liiittle too complicated to want to cook at home on a regular basis, so you feel justified paying $13 for someone else to whip up that hollandaise. When getting brunch in the city that overflows with brunch, where to find the best benedict? Here you go:

Radish Benedict

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Artsy Photo of the Day

Mission Cheese

Oh, did you want some wine with that cheese? The wonderful Mission Cheese in San Francisco offers flights of artesanal cheeses (and yes, a really nice wine list to go along with it). I highly recommend checking it out next time you’re in the Bay Area.


Deviled Egg Porn of the Day

The tastiest crazy deviled egg concoction I have sampled yet:  Jasper’s Corner Kitchen and Tap in San Francisco is now serving chips and salsa deviled eggs. Gimmicky? Sure. Amazing? Yes.

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Cocktail O’Clock: Beer Syrup

Beer cocktails are everywhere lately, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen this twist.

At The Fifth Floor in San Francisco, bartender Brian Means takes Anchor Steam beer, combines it with sugar and cooks it down into a beer syrup, which is then used to enhance this savory whiskey drink. So this isn’t really a beer cocktail, but a strong, cocktail lover’s cocktail infused with a little taste of beer.

Hops & Dreams

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Gratuitous Adult Milkshake Porn of the Day

I just realized if I post this, it will be our third story in a row about mixing sweet treats and booze. Clearly, I’m continuing.

This beauty of a bourbon-spiked shake is brought to you by Puccini & Pinetti in San Francisco.

Screw you, Monday. Is it milkshake o’clock yet?

Vanilla Bourbon Shake

6oz. vanilla gelato
1.5 oz. bourbon of choice
3-4oz. whole milk

Blend all to desired thickness.

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