Cocktail O’Clock: Pomegranate Surprise


This drink may look like a light and healthy brunch refresher, something you’d sip post-workout maybe. And it is all that…except for you know, tequila. White tequila that is — looking healthy but still getting you drunk since 1685.

Pomegranate Refresher

· 1 oz Herradura Silver tequila
· 1 oz Dolin Bianco vermouth
· Dash of orange bitters
· ½ oz lemon juice
· 1 oz club soda
· Pomegranate seeds

Place all ingredients except the soda into a high ball glass.

Add the club soda last, then using a bar spoon stir the ingredients together to chill & combine the flavors.

Garnish with a mint sprig and pomegranate seeds.

Cocktail O’Clock: A Berry Peachy Summer

Van Gogh's Peach Cooler

Is it August already? Must be time to break out the peach vodka!

Peach Cooler

Created by The Cocktail Guru, Jonathan Pogash

1 1/2 oz. Van Gogh Cool Peach Vodka
1 oz. Pomegranate juice
2 oz. Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer

Pour all ingredients over ice into a rocks glass.

Garnish: Lime wedge

Dobel Tequila Melonda

Cocktail O’ Clock: The Melonda

Dobel Tequila Melonda

Summertime = watermelon. I like it as a nice, plain fruit but I also like it in my dranks. Watermelon and tequila are a compatible pair, and our friends at Maestro Dobel tequila sent us a recipe truly exemplifying that. Pair your sweet melon with some pomegranate and lime for a hint of tart, plus a bit of agave to balance everything else, and you’re in summer heaven.

The Melonda

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POM is the Bomb!

Ho-hum. Just another beautiful day here in the penthouse offices of ES. What have I been doing you ask? Well, let’s see…oh yeah, yours truly got an all-inclusive opportunity to take a sponsored tour of the POM Wonderful pomegranate orchards and bottling facility in central California. And let me tell you, not only was it impressive as hell,  but I got the opportunity to drink as much of the POM juice as I could inhale! Was it cool? Heck to the yeah! I LOVE when someone asks me if I want to get juiced! And for free? Outta my way!

I don’t know how many pomegranates you’ve eaten lately but the ones at the POM orchard were HUGE! I saw one that was as big as Giada De Laurentis’ head and it was packed with almost as many arils as Giada has teeth! (I’m kidding of course. Giada’s teeth are infinite.) Did you know that the POM orchards span 18,000 acres? The name of the variety of pomegranate that they grow is called the ‘wonderful,’ which is why it’s POM Wonderful and not POM Some-Other-Kinda-Variety…er, you get what I mean.

Anyway, the fresh pomegranate picking season only lasts about three months which is from October into December. Once picked they’re rushed from the tree to the processing plant to be scanned and scrutinized, which determines if the fruit is to become juice or if it meets the incredibly high standards that POM applies to all of its fresh pomegranates. It’s like the fruit version of ‘The Next Top Model’; the ones that make it are perfectly beautiful and flawless on the outside, but sweet and tart on the inside! You just can’t wait to get your hands on one! (I’m talking about the pomegranates here…)

And of course there are those super anti-oxidants within the POM juice that is the real treasure. It’s so powerful in fact, that I’m told most of the pickers average around 150 years in age. I couldn’t verify this because—y’know—most of them were wearing hats, but with the way I was being treated by the POM staff I’d believe anything they told me.

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Endless Poptails: Pomegranate Sex on the Beach

I don’t do this often, but this week I’m going to say: pony up, baby! That is, pony up to the tune of  thriteen bucks for some Pama Pomegranate Flavor liqueur. I generally try to stay mainstream with the booze to keep the cost down on these poptails, but I’m pimping Pama because it’s well deserved and has earned a spot near the front of my bar. Alright, the pantry—I don’t actually have a bar. You would think any place that touts”luxury apartments” would feature a wet bar, but nope, my fancy booze sits edge-to-edge with some not-so fancy stuff like store-brand frosted flakes and oreos.

This week’s Poptail is in response to a request from AnaMarie, who wrote ES saying,  “I need one with sex on the beach pleaseeee! that is my favorite drinK!” Here you go.  . .

That’s sex on the beach using a pineapple body and a pomegranate liqueur instead of  Chambord. If you are wondering why I used raspberries instead of a pomegranate — the latter is out of season here.  If anyone can find pomegranates and makes this with it, please come back and tell the rest of us how you like it. For now, we will be enjoying a sweet and tart blend of fruity goodness shot up with vodka and sweetened by Pama.

Sex on the Beach Poptails

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4th of July Cocktail Cooler Popsicles

This 4th of July we’ve got you ready to stay cool for your summer picnic, and to keep things patriotic we striped your cocktail cooler with Uncle Sam’s signature colors. Kinda.

The striping is a bit messy, but um, so was the test kitchen while mixing. That’s what happens Monday night when you’re mixing, shaking, testing, pouring, more testing—things get a little blurry. The result of that blurry-good-time is a Poptail stamped with our ES Double Seal of Goodness.

The implication of our double seal — Good enough to lick to the stick!

4th of July Cocktail Cooler Popsicles


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The $100 Martini Gets Recessionized


(Photo: Kellari Taverna, Britannia)

In case you DC folks haven’t heard yet — this town now has its very own $100 martini. You can air a sigh of relief to know you don’t have to travel 300 miles north on the BoltBus to buy one. The shocking part of this story is not necessarily the price, as we all knew it was a matter of time, but that the drink is not served at the minibars, Passengers or POVs of the world but rather Kellari Taverna, an inconspicuous Greek spot on K St. that has certainly made its mark on the DC restaurant scene in its short life.

I’d love to tell you about Kellari’s amazing seafood wall, with foot-long Madagascan Shrimp or the very much alive and kicking crustaceans on the menu, but instead I’m here to tell you about the mix of some fabulous liquors and gold leaf —you read that right, gold, in your drink.

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