Endless Road Trip Boston: Mike’s City Diner

We’ve made a bit of a tradition out of seeking out restaurants featured on the show¬†Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Cheesy and touristy? Sure, but we haven’t been disappointed so far. The quest continued with Mike’s City Diner in Boston. You’d think it’d be well known in the entire Boston area, so I asked the folks at Sam Adams what the best means to get to the diner is. They had no idea of where it even was, so either my perspective on the size of Boston was horribly off, or maybe they just never make it out to that side of town. Either way—they are missing out. Mike’s City Diner does not disappoint, and there’s a reason why Guy Fieri was “Rollin’ Out” to Mike’s City Diner in Boston. Here are the highlights:

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It’s All About the Cheese

I never knew an¬†omelette could be like this. The middle arrived soft and gooey, somehow underdone yet perfectly done. Cheesey, tiny strands, of simply, fromage. I have no French so I couldn’t figure out exactly the type of cheese, but I will tell you that the French basic cheese cannot compare to our baseline cheese: American.

Cafe du Rililoux, Paris