Miniature Wine at a Miniature Price

Just when I think I’ve experienced all the wonders wine has to offer, it continues to astound and excite me. Enter: Copa Wine. I was at my local grocery store, grabbing some cheap-ish white wine to use in a recipe (actually, in the Sage Butter Chowder I shared recently) when I noticed a very intriguing new display in the booze section:

Copa Di Vino, or wine by the glass, is the brilliantly simple idea of bottling premium wine directly into a glass. Wine lovers can now drink delicious, quality wine from an attractive, eco-friendly, single-serving container. Just peel back the lid and enjoy!

I was a bit suspicious of these claims at first. Even though the display board proudly screamed that it “Tastes Great!” how good can a mini-bottle (or… cup?) of wine be if it only costs $2.99? Especially if it boasts a peel-back aluminum lid? “Really, though,” I thought, “who am I to judge?” And with that, I tossed a Copa Cabernet Sauvignon into my cart, determined to get to the bottom of this new and exhilarating product.

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Kahlua in a Can?

While at a swaggy party sponsored by a couple booze distributors as well as Nissan (cars plus alcohol..always good thing to market together, yeah?) I came upon a very intriguing new beverage:

Kahlua…in a can?! What is this sorcery? It looks just like any other on-the-go cappuccino type of thing, but no! It’s 5% alcohol! Plus caffeine. So portable. Just imagine the possibilities. (Okay, I guess it’s kind of the same idea as Sparks, but it’s apparently 100% Arabica Coffee, plus “spices!”) Sadly, here’s the downside: it just doesn’t taste that good! Seriously, even Starbucks Doubleshots taste way better than these things. I hate to be saying this. I really wanted to like it. Usually coffee and booze is a match made in heaven. This one, though… you’d be better off mixing your own coffee and Bailey’s or something. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.