Top Chef Exit Interview: Episode 9

Top Chef

Top Chef pulled in a political heavyweight this week — Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, but that was by far not the only highlight of last night’s episode. Down to eight chef’testants, we were given what many of us consider the best elimination challenge the show has to offer — Restaurant Wars at Bethesda’s Redwood Restaurant & Bar.

But before you see which chef’testant was sent packing (spoiler alert!), lets take a moment to discuss which pant suit was better!

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Trendwatching: Tea Party Edition


Whatever happened to coffee?

Has anyone else noticed you can barely check into the food world nowadays without bumping into someone going on and on about tea? I’ve been in a number of restaurants lately where the after-dinner menus featured “specialty teas” alongside the espresso and brandy. Bon Appetit is telling us to infuse our food with tea. There are tons of blogs about tea, blogs just about green tea — hell there are even blogs about tea cosies.

Over at Oyster Locals, I checked out three new NYC tea houses to see what all the fuss is about. They all featured some far-out flavors, and I certainly finished my teas, but I have to admit I have yet to find one tea that totally knocked my socks off.

So I’m wondering — do all you foodies out there get as excited about tea as you do about say, coffee and cocktails? I mean, I’ll drink a cuppa, but I’m still not totally sold that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bacon.


(Photo: Rumproast via Look at This Fucking Teabagger)