Good Bites: Hot Chocolate, Joel Robuchon and In-N-Out


If you haven’t yet discovered Good Bite, then you’re missing out on one of our favorite new food sites. With contributions from folks like David Lebovitz, Steamy Kitchen and even our nemesis Sandra Lee, it’s quickly shot to the top of our must-read list. To make sure you don’t miss out, we’ll be bringing you a weekly round-up of their best posts. This week they’ve got:

– An interview with Joel Robuchon, who talks Top Chef, El Bulli and In-N-Out (Yes, In-N-Out, and their photo of Robuchon sitting down for an animal-style is pretty priceless).

– A dish-by-dish recap of dinner at Robuchon’s new Vegas restaurant (think truffles, lots of truffles).

– Plus, a gourmet hot chocolate taste test.