My Mystery Market Melon

I love melon. Like, LOVE melon. I’ve been known to eat a whole watermelon in one sitting, which is impressive yet also kinda gross.

Anyway, being such a summertime melon lover, you would THINK I knew all the types of melons available on God’s green earth! But you would be wrong. I was at the local farmer’s market around closing time on Sunday, and this great produce stall was selling melons 2 for $7. I don’t even know if that’s a good deal, but I went for it. I selected a lovely Tuscan cantaloupe, and something that looked like a funky honeydew.

“What is this?” I asked the pleasant merchant.
“Oh, it’s an interesting one. It’s called a Galia melon… it’s Israeli in origin. It tastes like a honeydew, but more grassy and tropical,” she informed me.

Whaaaa? Clearly I had to buy this sucka.

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