Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Everyone Picks on Guy


The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up buffet style.

David Chang and Anthony Bourdain, on the rampage.  In their sights: cupcakes and Guy Fieri.

– And if the verbal bitch-slap wasn’t enough, poor Guy gets the SNL treatment (fairly well done by Bobby Moynihan), only to be picked clean by ravenous birds.

After the jump:  As much Steingarten as you can handle,  hot food/cold feet and real, honest to goodness cooking on your television.

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Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Gordo Gets Animated


The latest and greatest news about celebrity chefs, served up conveniently buffet style.

– There is going to be a Gordon Ramsay stop-motion animated series.  Why?  Because even Fox reality show producers aren’t over-the-top enough to insert cartoon sound effects when he starts hurling cookware.

Guy Fieri is marketing a line of knives called “Knuckle Sandwich.”  Take a moment and think about what they might look like.  Now go check them out.  Yep, even douchier than you imagined.

After the jump:  the year of the culinary blockbuster films continue, Tyra goes crazy(-ier) for truck food and Disney brings in the foodies.

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Guy Beat Me To It

cheese pretzel

I was in Pasadena, MD last week with my friends Katie and Lory. Lory, a native Pasadenian, found us a classic Chesapeake Bay restaurant. And when I say classic Chesapeake, I only mean one thing: crabs. Maryland loves their crabs.

Unfortunately, after I snapped a few pictures, I realized I was beat. Guy Fieri already brought much deserved attention to Stoney Creek Inn. Noticing our paparazzi ways, the waitress asked us if we had heard of the place through Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Ugh, no, I hadn’t. Not that I thought I was discovering the place, but man, I was embarrassed to know that Guy (or his assistants) and I shared the same taste. He’s such a douche!

But I won’t let that ruin it. Here’s some pics of the crab-infested food from this adorable restaurant right off the water.

Above you will notice the most heavenly appetizer. I’m a sucker for a soft pretzel, and not just a soft pretzel to share as an appetizer, but a soft pretzel as my entire meal. I perfected the practice in college with Rock Bottom’s TWO large soft pretzels with spicy cheese sauce.

Anyway, there was no doubt I could not order this. A soft pretzel, topped with crab meat and cheddar cheese, served warm and with a huge steak knife. I’m not usually a fan of fish with dairy, but this worked really well. Shit, anything and a soft pretzel will work well together.


Here’s Lory with our awesome waitress, Donna (I think that was her name.) She rocked the cutest boat shoes. It was nice to see someone that actually has been on a boat wear these now trendy shoes. Lory ordered the thickest crab soup I’d ever seen. If I were a better writer I would bring on a kick ass metaphor to describe the thickness of the soup. I wanted to compare it to health care or something, but it just didn’t work. If I do think of one deserving of the soup, I’ll throw it in the comments. I’m also game for suggestions.

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Cheflebrity Smörgåsbord: Barry Says “Burn It!”


While my colleagues here at Endless Simmer are focusing on the President’s restaurant choices, I’ve become a bit preoccupied by another food-related Obama item.  In the heady, post-inauguration days of January, I was somewhat bothered by the fact that his first ride on Air Force One included a medium-well hamburger.  But I was prepared to chalk it up to a severe hangover that ruled out a nice piece of bloody red meat. So it was with great sadness that I listened to the radio this morning and heard about the little POTUS/VPOTUS burger run that transpired yesterday at Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington (which  espressodog shouted out to us earlier, and again, none of you guessed!) So what did the ‘bam eat this time? Medium-well.  Again.

They say that three times makes a trend, but I’m going to go ahead and put my foot down after two…Mr. President, you’re absolutely killing me.  Don’t you know that people are looking up to you?  In these difficult times, we must all be living our lives in a manner that reflects positively on our country and our values.  By perpetuating the unfortunate and offensive notion that medium-well is an acceptable burger choice, you are hurting the children of America.  Mr. President, please think long and hard about your choice before you order your next burger. And don’t be afraid of a little blood.

On to the smörg, which will always order its burger medium-rare — at most!

– Is that Guy Fieri at a Kansas City Royals game.  Ha, actually it isn’t. And your first clue should have been that this television host can’t seem to string together an entire sentence.

– Here’s one from the “condecending to women” file:  Boulud and Keller weigh in with their favorite female chefs.  But I’m happy because both include TVFF’s favorite kitchen goddess, Lidia Bastianich.

After the jump…a Hollywood story from the Chicago food scene, a list of award winners that doesn’t include me and Bobby Flay plays the ponies.

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