Double Your Condiment Opportunity: Spiral Dogs


Are you prepared for Memorial Day? Probably not if you just said “spiral what?” I like my dogs slightly burnt, or as known in the culinary world—caramelized. I like a crispy snap when I bite into the dog. Hot dogs should never be boiled, put on rollers, or microwaved. The only way they should be cooked is on the grill and..spiral cut. You may even be able to call these gourmet at your next barbecue; all of your man friends will really take note of it. But what they WILL take note of  is that every single bite of these wieners is caramelized  crispy, and snappy.

Not enough for you? What if I told you that spiral cutting your frank optimizes condiment opportunity? Yes – opportunity. Sure, mustard is standard, ketchup is great, both are even better. I know you see those chopped onions, chilli, relish, maybe even baked beans—but where is the space? Well, now you have the opportunity to double your condiments—without suffering from soggy bun syndrome.

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