Top 10 Awesome Pies to Make for National Pie Day

Happy (almost) National Pie Day! What, you didn’t know that January 23rd is officially National Pie Day? Well, you now have one last day to plan how you’re going to celebrate. There’s no limit of crazy pie (and pie-like) recipes out there on the Internet, including in our very own Endless Simmer archives.

Get inspired with five of our tried-and-true beloved ES recipes, then read on for five tasty treats from other pie-loving food blogs.

Endless Simmer:

10. Bacon Lattice Pulled Pork Potato Pie

bacon lattice pie cooked

9. Twinkie Key Lime Pie

twinkie key lime pie

8. Sweet Cherry Pie

Sweet Cherry Pie

7. Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes


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