Cocktail O’ Clock: The Violet Crown

Boodles Gin Cocktail

While this cocktail may seem a bit more at home at a springtime garden party than a cozy fall evening, I can’t wait until next spring to share this recipe! It’s too good. First of all, starting with a premium gin base like this Boodles British Gin ensures a satisfying libation. (I can handle my share of cheap alcohol, but I just can’t do cheap gin. It has to be the good stuff. Boodles sent me a bottle to try and I knew I had to do it justice with a sophisticated cocktail recipe.) Secondly, the addition of Creme Yvette adds a refreshing and unique twist. If you’re not familiar with Creme Yvette I won’t hold it against you; it’s a relatively obscure, older liqueur that was just rereleased on the market a few years ago. It’s made from (…deep breath…)  parma violet petals, blackberries, red raspberries, wild strawberries and cassis, honey, orange peel and vanilla. What do you get when you combine these two boozy delights? HEAVEN!

I named this cocktail the Violet Crown because Creme Yvette is a purple-y (well, violet, obviously) color, and I live in Austin, a city that happens to have the nickname of “The Violet Crown.” So… why not?

Violet Crown Cocktail

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