Blogger Boggle: Hangover Cures


Editors’ Note: You know, it’s hard thinking of snarky commentary every day, so we’ve opened up the labor pool to our fellow food bloggers.

This week our panel of hung-over experts tell us their cures for fixing the nasty post-drinking bug.

Spoonfuls of honey.

Melissa McCart, Counter Intelligence

Ummm, don’t hate me, but I don’t actually get hangovers.  I tell people it’s the Irish blood in me, though plenty of people with more Irish blood than me get hangovers… but I’ll say after a night of heavy drinking, I sure like a good ol’ fry up – greasy breakfast, fried eggs, corned beef hash and/or bacon, sausage, home fries, buttery toast, jam, wait… what were we talking about?

Yvo Sin, Feisty Foodie

Bacon! There was a scientific study on bacon that proved its hangover curing effects.

Jason Mosley, Mr. Baconpants

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