Gridiron Grub: Bye Week


Some of you may be familiar with the concept of a bye week in sports. During the season teams get a week or two without a game scheduled to relax and recoup. Practices are minimal and they get to spend time at home. This week is the first bye week in the NFL and it coincides with one year of wedded bliss for Wifey and I.

Wifey is well aware of my sports addiction and was even okay when we scheduled our wedding so that it would not conflict with any major PSU games. Because of her patience with me in this, and many other matters, we had some quality time planned this weekend.  I also thought it would be a great opportunity for me to slack off and have my own bye week by opening up Gridiron Grub to all the ES readers.

Here at ES, we do love our pizza and have talked about it many, many, many, many times, but it is a classic football party food so next week it is my turn to try a riff on it.

This week however, we want to hear from you. What are your favorite pizza combos/recipes?

Share a description, recipe or photo in the comments and we will choose our favorite to be featured in next week’s post alongside my celery root puree and white clam/bacon pizzas, and of course, to “bask in the people’s ovation and fame forever.”