Brownies with a Special Kick

A month has passed since the start of spring which means your window boxes should be coming along quite nicely, perhaps enough for you to pick that basil or other herbed substance of your choosing. Having moved house this past weekend I have only just planted my selection of herbs (basil, mint and cilantro) so I wont be getting my fingers green for another few weeks, but that didn’t stop me thinking about today’s unofficial holiday.

What better way for you to make use of your fresh herbs than to use them in a freshly baked batch of brownies? I chose to celebrate with a handful of basil from my local grocery store, but you on the other hand can go all out and throw in whatever you have lying around in your window box, refrigerator or sock drawer.

The basil provides a subtle freshness to the cake, nothing too overwhelming or off-putting for those brownie purists.


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