Open Thread: Name Ben & Jerry’s Library-Themed Flavor


As you know by now, we make it our mission here at Endless Simmer to keep you readers up-to-date on the world of food puns, from the brilliant to the awful. In this week’s food pun-off alert, Slashfood points us in the direction of the Facebook group People for a library-themed Ben & Jerry’s flavor, which has a surprising 4,000+ members.

I’m not yet clear why a library-themed ice cream flavor is deemed so necessary (although I could get behind a movement to allow eating ice cream in libraries – stop the oppression!) Anyway, they’re doing a pretty good job in the name-creation department, with my favorites so far being

– The Gooey Decimal System

– Shh-Shh-Shh-Sherbert

– Look it up! (flavored with vaccinium corymbosum berries.)

Although I can’t believe no one’s mentioned Bookies & Cream or Read It and Eat.

Can you do better?

(Photo: Jetta Girl~)