Endless Beers: Anchor Brewing Zymaster No. 4

Zymaster No. 4

The Anchor Brewing Zymaster series. A select series of brews crafted by Anchor’s brewmasters with unique flavor combinations and fresh, intriguing ingredients. Of course, Zymaster isn’t a real word, unless you live in Anchor Brewing’s world. Whether or not you have heard the word before, just the opportunity to try a special “series brew” from the Anchor Brewing company is intriguing in and of itself.

That’s just information about the series. The No. 4 is deemed as the “Fort Ross Farmhouse Ale.” The brew is a belgian ale brewed with Saison yeast, wheats, barleys, and the special Yerba Santa (meaning “Holy Herb”) from Fort Ross on the San Francisco cost. This brew literally comes straight from the farm. On to the tasting.

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Endless Beers: The Summer Shandy

ShandiesEvery season is craft beer season. Hopefully you are expanding your horizon in the beer world, putting down those bud light limes, and trying something made with fresh ingredients by people that give a damn about flavor. That’s what we’re all about here at ES anyway isn’t it? With flavor in mind, here is your guide to the best summer shandy for this summer.

If you don’t know, a summer shandy is a beer that is made out of lager and lemonade. There are a few out there that you can get just about anywhere: Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, Sam Adams Porch Rocker, and Shock Top’s Lemon Shandy. Classically, a summer shandy tastes like a lemonade with a hint of beer. On a summer day, this makes the perfect day-drinking beer, as compared to your Bud Light Lime.

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I’ll Take Some Christmas in My Beer

One of a kind. Every year, Anchor Brewing creates a unique recipe for their Christmas Ale. Once. Then the next year—a different recipe is used to create another Christmas ale. And so on and so on. Along with the beer, each year there’s a different label, hand-painted by an artist. The brew is only available from November to January, so get it fast! Now, on to the beer

Anchor Brewing touts the brew as: A rich, dark spiced ale, Anchor’s Christmas Ale is the perfect holiday beer, and is available nationally on draught, in six packs, and magnums (1.5L).  A magnum of Christmas Ale transforms an evening into a celebration and makes a unique host gift or stocking stuffer for beer lovers. On to the ES test (hopefully you’re realizing by now, I’ll break it down into five categories):

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Six Beers in One: He’Brew Funky Jewbelation

Some people think of funky as a good thing, others see it as a weird kind of thing, and others just think of it as downright nasty. I’d say the Shmaltz Brewing Company’s He’Brew Funky Jewbelation brew follows the same logic: you might like it, depending how you feel about funk.

Shmaltz is very witty in their productions and they don’t disappoint with the names of their brews (such as the six included in this brew). Yes, the Funky Jewbelation includes a mix of six different beers all blended into one: “Jewbelation Fifteen,” “Vintage Jewbelation,” “Bittersweet Lenny’s R.I.P.A.,” “Origin,” “Reunion Ale ’11,” and of course “Messiah.” This blend of brews was then aged in bourbon barrels and rye whiskey barrels. Finally, the brew weighs in with an ABV or 9.8%. The poster says “too funky to fail” with confidence, touting their courage to become brewing mixologists. I was pretty excited since I like unique beers and it seemed like this would be a tasty dark one, particularly since it was aged in whiskey and bourbon barrels.

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Some Herbs in Your Beer? The Saison du Buff

Typically, we don’t dedicate full posts to reviewing just one beer, but this one is a unique craft beer that everyone should try.

What makes this beer so cool? Well, first, it includes herbs like thyme, rosemary, parsley and sage as ingredients. Second, three of the country’s best craft breweries joined up to collaborate on one beer. Dogfish Head, Stone, and Victory created a brew that I believe will satisfy all, and can be paired to just about anything. In fact, I challenge you to find a meal that this delicious beer does not sit well with.

Often times I have trouble describing a beer as “delicious” because most people associate that word with food. You call beers “strong” or “hoppy” or “full,” but not delicious. However, after drinking this brew, I’m hoping most will change their minds (especially those people who think it’s civilized to drink beer the color of piss).

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