Attack of the Meme: Suri Cruise, Gossip Columnist

Do you like celeb babies? Do you like celeb gossip? Do you like all things bitchy, catty and totally ridiculous? Welcome to Suri’s Burn Book, a running commentary “from” Suri Cruise about other celeb offspring.

Suri dishes about Cruz Beckham‘s afternoon at Color Me Mine, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett‘s ginger baby (eek recessive genes!)  and – above – how unappetizing Adam Sandler‘s little girl, Sadie, looks while downing a muffin. Showing by example, Suri posts proof that it’s possible to eat while still looking adorable. Oh, Suri.

Hat Tip: Kiki Ryan
(Photo: Suri’s Burn Book)

Attack of the Meme: The Best of Parks and Recreation Food Banter

There’s not much in this life that can cure my end of summer blues. Brussels sprout season comes close. So does the chance to wear leggings and my gold-studded flats. But, really, it’s watching Leslie Knope promoting parks, recreation, feminism and pot brownies.

With Parks and Recs starting tonight, here’s the best of its food banter.

10. A Simple Man

(Photo: CraftyCake)

9. Tissues Are Out, Scones are In

(Photo: Nine Weasleys)

8. Biology 101

(Photo: Forehead)

7. The New Aphrodisiacs

(Photo: Broriarty)

6. Life Lessons

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