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Salt Block Root Beer Steak

Posted by on March 17 2014 in Recipe, Red Meat, Trends


You’re probably wondering what a salt block root beer steak is, and you’d be right to, because well..until now, that has definitely not been a thing.

Here’s what happened: I had two exciting new products burning a whole in my kitchen, waiting to be used.

1) My still unused Christmas present: a Himalayan pink salt block from the Meadow. Salt blocks allow you to cook foods at 600-degree temperatures, while the salt rapidly sears proteins, caramelizes sugar, and yes, adds a wee bit of salty deliciousness. By the way, this is how beautiful it looks before you get into the nitty gritty of grilling on it:

salt block

2) A bottle of McCormick Root Beer Concentrate that came my way as part of McCormick’s Flavor of Together program, a yearlong initiative to share 1.25 million stories about how flavor both unites and defines people across the globe.

So, what exactly is root beer concentrate? Well, it’s kind of like vanilla extract, except instead of vanilla it adds a dash of root beer flavor to whatever you’re cooking.

In 1889, Willoughby M. McCormick went door to door selling one of McCormick & Company’s first products, Root Beer Extract. From there, the product quickly rose in popularity and led to a trending sensation of root beer floats and root beer home brewing in the early 1900s. In 2014, McCormick marks its 125th anniversary by celebrating the role flavor plays in all of our lives, inspiring flavorful conversation, and giving back to communities around the world. They asked me to come up with my own Root Beer Concentrate recipe…and clearly I was not going to make a plain old root beer float.

I’ve glazed meat in coke before, so I figured, why not root beer meat?

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Food Porn Champion: Healthy Edition

Posted by on March 14 2014 in Photos, Veggie

beet chips


We still don’t know how the eff to make kale chips properly, so we’re prob not gonna try our hands at beet chips either, but if anyone wants to make us a cone…

Recipe: Beet and Kale Chips [Twigg Studio]

Discover more food porn champions on Endless Eats.

Cocktail O'Clock: Breakfast Edition

Posted by on March 12 2014 in Breakfast, Drinks, Holiday, Recipe

Lexington Brass- Irish Cereal Milk Cocktail

With St. Patrick”s Day just around the corner, you”ll be seeing lots of green beer and Shamrock shakes this week, but here”s one that really takes the cake: IRISH CEREAL MILK. This drink comes from Lexington Brass in New York and combines the childhood glory of sugary online casinos leftover cereal milk with the adulthood glory of…Whiskey.

Irish Cereal Milk

2oz Jameson Whiskey
1/2 oz Simple syrup
2 oz. Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk

Make Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk (soaking the cereal in milk for 30 min. and then straining out the cereal).

Fill Rocks glass with ice, pour Jameson and simple syrup in. Fill glass with Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk.

Garnish with Cinnamon Toast Crunch Pieces (fresh crunchy ones, not soggy).

A Craft Beer Revolution? The Stochasticity Project Grapfruit Slam IPA

Posted by on March 11 2014 in Drinks


The announcement of the Stochasticity Project brings excitement and curiosity to those enveloped in the craft beer world (and beyond). The project dives in to the science of beer to create unique and strong (“Stone-like”) flavors in an innovative way. So you may be asking…what the hell is Stochasticity?

Stochasiticity is explained on the website as “a concept embraced and exalted by this special and unpredictable series of beers, where exotic notions, ingredients and ideas coalesce at an interesting and often unexpected endpoint.” Peruse the website further and you will soon realize that Stochasticity is Stone’s attempt at using science (like beer scientists) to engineer the perfect brew. The project highlights scientific equipment that is used to detect off-flavors, dissect the beer, and point out areas of flaws that will then be remedied. The PR promises a bold, flawless flavor.

And…Here’s how it tastes:

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Endless St. Patrick’s Day!

Posted by on March 10 2014 in Holiday



St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday this year…which means you’ve got one week left to plan out your cooking/drinking/cooking with drinks agenda.

From Irish soda bread to Jameson Jell-o shots and 100 ways to cook with Guinness, we’ve got you covered. Check it all out in:

Endless St. Patrick’s Day

Burns My Bacon: Dessert Gimmicks

Posted by on March 7 2014 in Desserts, Rants & Raves, Trends


So the food porn-obsessed Internet is going crazy this week with news that Dominique Ansel, he of the great cronut craze of 2013, is back with his latest trademark creation: a chocolate chip cookie shot “glass” with a shot of milk. It’s beautiful. It’s mouthwatering. It’s waste-free.

It’s also stupid.

Why? Because, um…who wants to drink a shot of milk and THEN eat a cookie? It’s cute, yes. But the order is just all wrong. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer here but there are some things I just have to take seriously and this concoction is NOT practical. I feel like I would end up with milk and crumbs drizzling down my face as I tried to get the perfect last bite.

This gimmick is just not an improvement on the traditional milk and cookie. Cookie first, then milk. It doesn’t work the other way.  Design me a shot glass made of milk with a cookie contained inside it, and then I might be impressed, Dominique.

Cocktail O’Clock: Coffee King

Posted by on March 6 2014 in Drinks

Pinnacle® Coffee King
Okay, so we’re already past Fat Tuesday, but let’s be real. You didn’t give up alcohol for Lent and you loooove a sweet, sweet iced coffee. So why not combine all of these facts (Fat Tuesday happened + still drinking + coffee is great) into one glorious cocktail?

Pinnacle Vodka recently released a King Cake flavored vodka that I guarantee is perfect any time of the year, Mardi Gras or not. They shared this recipe with us, and I’m gonna say it just might replace my morning Starbucks run… so maybe my Lenten resolution is to drink yet more alcohol? I’m sure that’s what they had in mind with the whole Lent thing, right?

Coffee King Cocktail

1 part Pinnacle® King Cake Vodka
1 part Kamora Coffee Liqueur
2 parts Cream

Shake all ingredients with ice. Pour into double Old Fashioned glass.

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