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Top Chef Masters Exit Interview: Episode 6

Posted by on May 12 2011 in Celebs, TV

We’re halfway through the current season of Top Chef Masters, and down to some serious talent — but with that we see some serious talent go home. We had Maroon 5 as guest judges this week, and the chefs had to cook on a tour bus as it made its way to the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles.

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Strawberry Fever

Posted by on May 12 2011 in Cheese, Recipe

In Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, Barbara Kingsolver talks about how, if you plan on enjoying your fruits and vegetables seasonally, you really have to go all in during say, asparagus season,  practically gorging yourself in order to hold you over make you so tired of a particular produce item that you will be okay without it for the next 10 or 11 months or whatever, until the season comes around again.  I understand her reasoning, and it might work for me with parsnips or eggplant, but for the most part, I rarely get sick of any particular form of farm stand goodness.  Last summer I personally ate at least a hundred peaches. (I’m not exaggerating.)  My son, born in September, came out with a good bit of fuzz on him, and I’m pretty sure I know why.

Now we are back around to spring, and I have already been enjoying plenty of arugula straight from the bag, much to Dear Husband’s bewilderment.  Strawberries have yet to make it this far north yet, though, so yesterday my boy and I, along with some fellow fruit lovers, hit the road and headed south, specifically to Shlagel Farms in Waldorf, MD.


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Liz Lemon Food Fix: Alright! Cheesy Blasters!

Posted by on May 12 2011 in Cheese, TV

Raise your hand if you already miss Liz Lemon? We do too. Welcome to your weekly fix of Lemon singing, crying and dancing about her love of food.

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Artsy Photo Of The Day

Posted by on May 11 2011 in Photos

Porn for peanut butter.

Attack of the Meme: How I Loved Food Before Meeting Your Mother

Posted by on May 11 2011 in Lists, TV

With the season finale next week (of which I’ve watched only 4 episodes this season because I’m trying to catch up on 5 previous seasons), this is the perfect time to reflect on the absolute hystericalness that is How I Met Your Mother. Yea. I said hysterical. Well, I said a fake word. But still. This show is so much better than Friends. And yea, I said that too.

Top 10 Food Lessons From How I Met Your Mother

10. Don’t Go To Prison

(Photo: Hell Yeah How I Met Your Mother)

9. Answer the Door with a Cheese Plate

(Photo: Hell Yeah How I Met Your Mother)

8. Drink Peppermint Schnapps

(Photo: Hell Yeah How I Met Your Mother)

7. RIP McRib

(Photo: Hell Yeah How I Met Your Mother)

6. Cheese Curls: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

(Photo: Hell Yeah How I Met Your Mother)

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ES Taste Test: Do Foodies Know Whiskies?

Posted by on May 10 2011 in Drinks

As y’all know, us ES-ers are always happy to talk your ear off about where our sushi is sourced and the difference between green garlic and garlic scapes. Fine, we’re food snobs. But for some reason, we’ve never been great at the whole alcohol snob thing. We just generally prefer our whiskey in car bomb form. So when the fine folks at Jameson asked ES to taste test their four different varieties of high-end whiskeys, we saw it as a chance to answer the question: can low-end foodies like us taste the difference between a good whiskey and a great one?

So we assembled a not-very-esteemed panel of amateurs and blind taste tested Jameson’s four selections of increasingly expensive whiskey (sorry, no Crystal Jameson), seeing if we could tell which ones were more expensive, and whether we actually liked the more expensive ones better. Here’s what Jameson says, and what we say:


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Sick of Asparagus Already?

Posted by on May 10 2011 in Recipe, Veggie

Not everyone is a slave to the season. My dad, for example, buys his vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers from Produce Junction. They source from all over the world and you can buy pretty much anything all year round, and for super cheap.  Living in the Garden State, he also grows plenty of his own produce. But before things pop up, it’s Produce Junction time.

We finished the asparagus I brought home for Mother’s Day dinner and for Monday’s dinner were left with Produce Junction goods and other items I found in my dad’s surprisingly well-stocked, but not seasonal pantry and fridge. So for those tired of hearing about farmers’ markets and asparagus, here you go.

Roasted Broccoli with Chickpea and Wheat Berry Salad

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