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What Makes Curtis Stone a Celebrity Chef?

Posted by on April 26 2011 in Breakfast, Celebs, TV

Ever since Top Chef Masters came back into our lives a lot of people have been asking who this sexy, blond guy with an Australian accent is. I got the chance to chat with the new Post Great Grains (whole grain cereal) spokesperson, Curtis Stone, and tried to find out what exactly qualifies him for the title of “celebrity chef.”

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One More Meal Until BREAD!

Posted by on April 26 2011 in Cheese, Eggs, Holiday, Recipe, Veggie

I won’t embarrass the class by asking who has kept kosher for the eight days of Passover. All I will say to you is that you have one more meal before breaking the holiday, so you might as well go for the half-eaten box or matzah.  You know you’ll just feed it to the dog anyway. (Or is my dog the only one that enjoys matzah?) This recipe will also help rid you of leftovers from your seder meal. You know you bought too much parsley.

Anyway, if you have access to a broiler during lunch, try this quick take on an opened-face cheese sandwich.

Swiss Cheese Matzah with Leeks and Parsley

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Artsy Photo Of The Day

Posted by on April 25 2011 in Photos

1) Your wedding day
2) The birth of your first child
3) Morel season

Top 10 Ways to Eat Mac ‘n’ Cheese Before You Die

Posted by on April 25 2011 in Bacon, Cheese, Eggs, Featured, Lists, Red Meat, Restaurants

Is mac ‘n’ cheese the new bacon? Everyone’s favorite comfort food has suddenly gotten a lot more versatile, showing up in everything from burgers to desserts. Here are ten insanely creative ways you should try mac ‘n’ cheese at least once (and probably only once).

10. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Sushi

Who says you can’t eat macaroni with chopsticks and sriracha?

Recipe: The Food in My Beard

9. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burgers

One comfort food stuffed inside another.

Recipe: The Food in My Beard

8. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Grilled Cheese

The ultimate addition to any grilled cheese sandwich? More cheese.

Recipe: Endless Simmer

7. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Hot Dog

A crucial stop on the ultimate New York hot dog crawl is this bad boy at Ditch Plains. (Photo: Ditch Plains)

6. Fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Then there’s mac ‘n’ cheese state fair style: battered and deep-fried.

Recipe: Always Order Dessert

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Top Chef Masters Exit Interview: Episode 3

Posted by on April 22 2011 in TV

Third episode of the third season and Bravo is convinced that they’re doing better than last year; I’m not so sure. This latest episode featured cooking with beetles, scorpions and other creepy critters — even Curtis didn’t know what to do with himself when the food hit the table. Keep reading to see which chef went crawling away for another day.

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Earth Day Picnic: The Deviled is in the Details

Posted by on April 22 2011 in Eggs, Holiday, Recipe

While we have already spent some time on Easter and Passover here on ES, I thought I would spread some love to Earth Day and in particular Picnic for the Planet. This year on April 22nd, in addition to all sorts of Earth Day activities and media stories about kids planting trees on your local news, people across the world are being encouraged to go outside and eat. Picnic for the Planet has organized community picnics in cities throughout the world to get people outside. Heavyweights such as as Mario Batali and Alice Waters have already voiced their support by publishing picnic-appropriate recipes and PSA’s.  I assume my invitation to share recipes was lost in the mail so I decided to just share them here on ES.

I have a complicated relationship with deviled eggs. When they are good, they are divine and when they’re bad, I have to eat a few to confirm my initial opinion. They always take some time to prepare but are simple enough that they  pop up at every picnic and spring gathering  before disappearing quickly. Bite sized, tasty, and with limitless variations, here are a few ideas to spring you into action.

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Get Your Gourmet Desserts On During Passover

Posted by on April 22 2011 in Desserts, Holiday, Recipe

Sick of the leftover brisket and matzah ball soup? Miss your gourmet fare during this very old-world holiday? Well, we’ll try to cure your mid-Passover blues.

Get rid of those tired fake-coconut flavored macaroons from your childhood and check out Madagascar vanilla bean, lemon zest or mini chocolate chip versions (pictured above) from Platine Cookies.

Since flour is a no-no, try a flourless chocolate cake, which turns out half brownie and half chocolate cake and not at all like those Manischewitz cake mixes (also from Platine).

And if you’re feeling extra domestic during the weekend, make your own sweet.

Chocolate Beet Coconut Cake with Chocolate Icing

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