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Liz Lemon Food Fix: What Would You Do For a Hot Dog?

Posted by on June 9 2011 in Red Meat, TV

Enjoy your weekly fix of Liz Lemon singing, crying and dancing about her love of food.

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Endless Poptails: Watermelon Mojito Popsicles

Posted by on June 8 2011 in Desserts, Featured, Recipe

Tweaking a trend can either make you a hero or a target. Luckily, we ESers are a hardy bunch — so yeah, we’re gonna mess with the beloved Mojito by freezing it.

But before you go bucking it, let us say that from sip to lick the frozen Mojito can confidently double down over its fluid counterpart and take you from cool to sublime faster than you can say freeze! Now that you know we’ve got our Teflon suits on, give it your best lick and let us know what you think.

PS – have a cocktail you want to see turned popsicle? Hit us up in the comment section because you’re currently tuning into our newly started cocktail popsicles series, a.k.a. Poptails. We’ll be featuring a new cocktail on a stick every Wednesday up until Labor Day. Enjoy.

Watermelon Mojito Popsicles


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Pop-Up Filipino

Posted by on June 8 2011 in Breakfast, Eggs, Featured, Photos, Pig, Restaurants

Everyone in the foodie world is always looking for the newest, coolest cuisine, and these days that usually means the weirdest. Well in terms of far-out food, it’s hard to beat Filipino. If you think Korean tastes are funky, wait ’til you try Filipino. These folks eat every part of their animals, they marinate their pig in soft drinks, and they prefer their eggs, um, shall we say…developed. More on that later.

So predictably, Filipino food is having a bit of a moment, with trendy new restaurants like Brooklyn’s Umi Nom and San Francisco food trucks Adobo Hobo and Senor Sisig. But it’s not a food trend until it has a pop-up restaurant. Enter Maharlika, which started a few months ago as a Saturday and Sunday only pop-up restaurant, serving brunch at Resto Leon in New York. This week it moved to the larger 5 Ninth, still serving only brunch.

The dish above is arroz caldo — a traditional Filipino rice porridge with shredded chicken, ginger, garlic and omasum (the third chamber of a cow’s stomach, if you must know). Hungry yet? Oh we’re just getting started.


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Attack of the Meme: Eating Arrested Development

Posted by on June 8 2011 in Breakfast, Drinks, Lists, Sandwich, TV

The real meme here is the tumblr site Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog: Hipster Arrested Development, where dialogue from the show appears on these funky, arty photos that have nothing to do with the show. Instead of listing those (kinda lame/not funny) pics, here are some amazing quotes from the hysterical, cult show.

Top 10 Food and Drink Moments from Arrested Development

10. Breakfast of Champions, Runner Up

(Photo: Lizdexia)

9. Don’t Mess With Eggs

(Photo: Arrested Development GIFs )

8. Juice, Motherfucker

(Photo: The No Name Shoppe)

7. Damn It, Google

(Photo: Texts from The Bluth Company)

6. Breakfast vs. Family

(Photo: Meditation in an Emergency)

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Hauntingly Good Tuna Salad

Posted by on June 7 2011 in Fish, Recipe

When I received a review copy of At My Grandmother’s Knee by Faye Porter, I knew it would be perfect for the approaching summer weather. These lovely Southern dishes just beg to be served alongside a pitcher of iced tea on a porch on a hot, lazy afternoon. All of the recipes in the cookbook are contributed by lucky women who have treasured memories of learning to cook by their grandmother’s side. Included with each recipe is a short story about the grandmother who shared it with her family; very precious, and dare I say it, heartwarming. Even though I don’t have any personal recollections of Southern cookin’ with my grandma, I was able to live vicariously though the accessible recipes and vibrant, inviting photographs.

This book is great for kitchen novices; since the recipes have been handed down through families, most of them have fairly simple instructions and small lists of easy-to-find ingredients (rest assured, butter and bacon make the cut). Not that a more adventurous cook couldn’t find something to try – if you’re in the mood to jar your own pickles or make ketchup from scratch, Grandmother’s Knee has got you covered. It’s always nice to get back to basics, though, and in the summer nothing pleases me more than classic picnic fare. Obviously I was in heaven when I beheld the bevy of mayonnaise-friendly salad recipes to choose from!

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Deviled Eggs: Not Just for Parties

Posted by on June 7 2011 in Eggs, Trends

With all of our recent drooling over deviled eggs, I became a bit manic about boiling some eggs and stuffing them with tons of mustard. Deviled eggs aren’t too much work, but it’s usually not something one makes just to keep around the house. Well, I’m putting forth a movement for everyday deviled eggs.

It’s a perfect, portion-controlled, and healthy (compared to potato chips) snack for a quick nibble of protein and creaminess. I don’t add anything too fancy: simply mashing yolks with some mustard, horseradish, a touch of yogurt, salt and pepper. They keep for a few days and I dust with paprika right before eating for a fresh kick. (I also cut up a few—egg salad on demand—to fill a charred whole wheat tortilla wrap with lettuce, avocado, green garlic and extra mustard.)

Diggin’ DC Dirt: A Raised-Bed Garden Adventure

Posted by on June 6 2011 in Personal, Trends, Veggie

Part One: We’ve been framed

My indoor basil plant looks like this:

I know, pathetic.  Believe me, when I was pregnant, it was the inspiration for many “so you think you’re ready for parenthood” cracks. My response was, there is a reason that babies scream when they are hungry.

Elijah is eight months old now, and so far so good, so this summer, my dear spouse and I decided to take on another complicated project for which we were only minimally qualified: a raised bed garden.  I hear that these are trendy at present, but let me tell you, that trend hasn’t reached my neighborhood.  Our block seems to favor vegetation more like this:

New age sculpture or misguided but admirable attempt to grow a beer tree?  You decide.

We decided on the back porch as the locale for our foray into botany.  Large and concrete, it has thus far served little purpose aside from storing some semi-decaying deck chairs.  The whole back “yard” is paved over, so it seemed like concrete was our fate.  We called up our friend Pat, who jumped at the chance to bust out some power tool action.  He and Kurt (my husband) headed to Home Depot for supplies.  They were gone for about three hours, reasons for which are still unclear, and returned with some very long pieces of wood.  The folks at HD were kind enough to cut the 12-ft. boards into two sections, 10 ft. and 2 ft. Pat was a little sad about not having a chance to use his circular saw.

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