Food Travel: Around the United States

As Endless Simmer travels around the country, we find plenty of fried foods on sticks, as well as farm fresh lamb fries (check out Texas).

Denver: Elk Burgers and Bacon Benedict

Iowa: Grease, Goats and Girth at the State FairIowa State Fair

Myrtle Beach: Where to Get Blastedmyrtle beac

New Orleans: Big Eats in the Big Easy

New York City: Poutine Crawl

New York City; The Ultamite Hot Dog Crawlhot dog

New York City: Search for the Best Welsh Rarebitwelsh rarebit

New York City: Top 10 Outdoor Eating Spots


Oregon: Crabbing and Fishing the Coast

Texas: Austin Food Trailersaustin

Texas: Farm to Table

Texas: For Meat Lovers

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