Eli Your Heart Out

spikeEditors Note: I’m sure you all remember our prolific sports correspondent, broadandpattison, from our half-assed football-food contest. First, we apologize for not following through on the contest, but with broad rallying Northern Virginia Democrats and our guiding spirit, The Birds, not inspiring us, the contest dwindled just like Aker’s foot. Hopefully for the next football season, when our readership quadruples, we can try it again. Here is the official ES Super Bowl round-up.

In anticipation of disappointing Super Bowl commercials and an even more miserable match-up……broadandpattison returns.

Before I go into my rant, let me just say this as a disclaimer: the New York Giants deserve to be in the Super Bowl. They played better than any other NFC playoff team down the stretch, simple as that. So what was their recipe? Answer: not sucking. While the national media and other football “experts” continue to praise Eli Manning, the fact of the matter is that he isn’t great, he just stopped sucking. Are our standards for a Super Bowl QB (and #1 draft pick) now simply, not throwing interceptions? That’s it? Really?

Read on for more expert analysis and broad’s checklist on SB parties’ food dos and don’ts

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Week One: Endless Wing-Off

the linc

Endless Readers –

So we learned a couple things from Week 1. Andy Reid is an idiot, the Redskins, Giants and Cowboys are all very hate-able, and mostly, Andy Reid is an idiot.

Nonetheless, we were also reminded that buffalo wings are damn delicious.

Further, at my spot in Fredericksburg, a slight twist to the Bleu Cheese was introduced, and I gladly welcomed the new “spice” (to be revealed next week.) This was not just a clever twist to the wing-eating experience; it rocked my world.

Two MNF games last night certainly made for a healthy week one, but next week the stakes are raised as there is less football hours over the course of the weekend.

Post jump, my totals and a few more thoughts

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