Artsy Photo of the Day

Sometimes in life do you feel like you hear footsteps?

Well, that happened to me late tonight as I watched TV by myself.  Only this time, the footsteps did not involve the inevitable emergence of the big 3-0 on the horizon.  No, tonight they belonged to Gansie, who imitated Usain Bolt at the 50M mark in her attempt to make it to the bathroom before her bladder broke.  Drinking with the girls always seems to bring out the final sprint down the hallway from Gansie.

So it is down to me to throw together an unexpected post for tomorrow morning.  I leave the faithful readers with my old stand-bys, some artsy photos.  In this case, let’s take a moment to reminisce about last year’s farmers market and the readily available photos it provided:

Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market 2009 5 (500 x 332)

Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market 2009 6 (500 x 332)

Mystery Photo Solved

So maybe that wasn’t the easiest contest of all time.

I guess it helped that I took the picture to begin with. Anyways, some great guesses in the comments, especially the chef’s coats. Unfortunately, that was not the correct answer. To find out what which one was, click on the link below:

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Artsy Mystery Photo of the Day

Mystery 1 -- Cropped (500 x 226)

While everyone is busy trying to decide where to cast their all important vote for Eater of the Year, how about a little game? First person to guess this (admittedly easy) mystery photo wins a surprise gift, shown after the jump…

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Artsy Photo of the Day

Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market 2009 4 (500 x 332)

The String Bean Incident

Artsy Photo of the Day


World’s first bacon dispensing hand dryer?

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